Opening Remarks

Keynote Address: Recolonizing the Arab World – Tariq Ali

Special Panel: Middle East Today: What is Missing in the Media?

Panel 1 – Beyond ‘Middle East Exceptionalism’: “What the Middle East Offers to World History”

Panel 2 – Critique From Within: Intellectual Discourses and the MENA Uprisings

Panel 3 – “The Quiet Encroachment” of the Counter-revolutionaries: How the Autocrats Survived the MENA Uprisings

Keynote Address: The Struggle against Fundamentalism after the Revolutions of 2011: Your Fatwa Still Does Not Apply Here – Karima Bennoune

Panel 4 – Geopolitics of the Arab Uprisings: Oil, Foreign Intervention and Military Coup

Panel 5 – What Happened to “Songs of the New Arab Revolutions”?

Panel 6 – Gendering the MENA Uprisings: Women and Politics of the Body

Keynote Address: Reformist Islam, Gender and the Questions of Authority – Amina Wadud

Panel 7 – Finished or Unfinished Social Movements? Is the Return of the Repressed Possible?

Panel 8 – Online Activism in the MENA Uprisings: Media and Politics of Representation

Panel 9 – Five Years After the Uprisings: “A Tale of High Hopes and Dashed Expectations”?

Panel 10 – “Why They Joined” Extremist Groups: ISIS, Boko Haram and al-Shabaab

Panel 11 – Arts and Literature: Diaries and Performance of the MENA Uprisings

Panel 12 – Gendering the Uprisings: Women’s Movements

Closing Remarks